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Fave Tweets From Last Week

  • I come in two colors. White and red. Red is a rare and I am sporting it right now.
  • My coworker poked me in the neck. Grrr.
  • Black licorice is amazing and anyone who disagrees is wrong.
  • - HEY EVERYBODY! COME SEE HOW GOOD I LOOK! (Spoiler: I'm Graham)
  • I use to say that I wouldn't wish bed bugs on my worst enemy.
  • I can think of two people I despise so much I would be okay with them getting bed bugs. Yup.
  • "Thinks" is a funny looking word.
  • Every time Setsuna releases GN particles, I become disappointed that everyone in the field isn't suddenly naked.
  • OH...Child: I think I know why boys stand to pee. Mom: why? Child: they can never make it to the bathroom in time.
  • So I went jogging today. Nothing more to say. It is jogging.
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