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Fave Tweets From Last Week

  • I am falling in love with Reborns Gundam because of how it carries itself. I love legs. . .this Gundam has legs.
  • It's hard to accept something under "It's the thought that counts!" when you say, "I know you don't like X, but I got it for you anyway."
  • Graham is awesome. There, I said it. Again.
  • I'm so absurd. My god. How do people put up with me? lol.
  • Reborns Gundam is going to give me a bloody nose each time this game does a slow motion close up of it I swear.
  • A new Graham fan in the making. This is truly an amazing moment in my life.
  • . . .It doesn't take much to make my day.
  • Bacon in brownies. . .I would eat that.
  • I am so hyper right now. It's all too much! Graham, chocolate, and Friday. . . a;kfha;kgh'adg
  • So I am told I am someone's wingman now. Woo
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