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Tumblr "Logic" Fail

Got introduced to a Tumblog that surprisingly didn't make me fall into a fit of rage. Only a few posts on it really irritated me, but the rest was just. . .fucking. . .laughable.

If you aren't part of Tumblr. . .it started when a blog "Who Needs Feminism?" popped up with discussing why people need it. As a response a "Who Needs Masculism?" popped up and that blog is fantastic. I love the person running it.

But oh no. If you actually care about gender equality, a lot of people will flip their shit. ( You can't be for gender equality and hate men. Sorry. )

So began the blog, "Who Needs Misandry?" And I actually read through it.

I have to share my favorite: "I need misandry because too many men have no idea where the clitoris is located."

. . .

Heaven forbid a fucking female shares responsibility with their partner in having sex and tells their partner what they do or don't like. Heaven forbid a fucking female realizes that everyone's vulva is different and the clitoris can different sizes/shapes while being painful and/or pleasurable. So cut a new partner some fucking slack.

How is your partner supposed to know if you don't. . .help out or tell them? Fuck.


I learned today that not only are misandrists disgusting human beings, some of them are dumb as fuck.

"I need misandry because too many men have no idea where the clitoris is located."

Oh my god. I hope that person isn't for real and that I fell for a really good troll.
Tags: drama llama, f-word abuse, i'm not making this shit up, losing faith in humanity, tumblr
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