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Pluto for Planet!

The first moment I heard Pluto would no longer be considered a planet I was like, "WHAT!? Nuuu!" I then raced to find out why and learn the definition of a planet put forth by the IAU and was like. . .


Actually. That makes a lot of sense. Okay.

I still found amusement with the idea of telling future generations, "Back in MY day, Pluto was considered a planet" though.

Shirt.Woot! for Monday has a "BRING PLUTO BACK" shirt. I think it is cute and I am tempted to get it. I love the website. . .

Condition: Suffering from small planet syndrome
Wear this shirt: if you are sick and tired of Pluto getting bullied.
Don’t wear this shirt: in space. It’s really cold out there.
This shirt tells the world: it’s been 6 years, but you’re just not ready to let it go.
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