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I had this dream where I need surgery on my shoulder. I have no idea why. Sat through a consultation and it was very. . .dream-like. Everything was overexposed and I can't tell you what the doctor was telling me because everything sounded like we were underwater. I apparently understood in the dream, though.

I remember being on a medical bed. I remember getting the IV and then going under.

I come out of it and everything is normal, but I am in pain. I am in this medical gown and my mother is there for some reason. They are telling me I don't have to go to work and give me something and shoo me off. I am at home and in a lot of pain. I then realize they didn't give me any pain killers and I am upset. I call and they said they couldn't give me pain killers because of my drug problem. (wtf.)

I'm then pacing around my apartment, really upset, and my shoulder is killing me.

Then. . .I wake up in pain. The position I was sleeping in was causing that same shoulder to really hurt. I readjust, fall back asleep, and all was well.
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