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Con Crud

I've been really sick all week and the cold is taking a tour of my body I swear to goodness. And no, I didn't lick hands at SakuraCon.

I didn't want to tell anyone, but Monday morning I threw-up at Mia's house. On the way over to the airport, her father driving, I got really car sick and first thing I had to do was rush to a bathroom in the airport. Afterward I felt a little okay so I just took it easy. The rest of the day I found myself having trouble regulating my temperature. I was always either really cold or really warm.

Tuesday I went to work. Scratchy and sore throat and trouble keeping food in my stomach. Tuesday night is when I got the fever. Wednesday I stayed home feeling like shit, but at least I was able to keep food in my stomach. Thursday I was feeling better and went to work, only to leave early and go to the doctor since food was a problem once again. They let me go.

Crazy thing? On the way home I stopped at the store for some things and decided to buy tissue. Granted this cold has all been chest, coughing, and sore throat. . .but I knew in general I was low on tissue.

I kid you not as soon as I got home it was like the cold decided to attack my face and I began producing infinite amounts of snot and went through one box of tissue that night. I felt so bad all over again.

Went to work Friday feeling better than Thursday night, but no better than Thursday morning or afternoon. I went home before lunch. Slept.

So here we are Saturday. No more needing to blow my nose every 5 seconds, but my face is tender to the touch as I feel that my sinuses are now infected. I have been taking Sudafed this whole time so I am a bit surprised. Blegh.

I am not sure where else the cold is going to go. Today I will say is the first day where mentally I felt a lot of energy. I keep trying to do things like clean or even something as simple as collages or writing only for my body to get physically weak and tell me "No."

It's such a weird feeling to feel mentally fine and be limited by a physically sick and exhausted body.

I wish the nausea would go away. I've been trying everything I know. Ginger, teas, bread, and crackers. Boo.
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