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SakuraCon 2012: Details

Another wonderful SakuraCon! There was some good, some bad, and some. . .shitty moments. But the bad and the shit wasn't enough to ruin my SakuraCon. So, onward with the big summary of DOOM. Organized by topic so you can read what interests you. :3

Traveling - Last year I drove, but not wanting to miss any of my Monday night group meetings and still spend as much time as possible with friends, I took an airplane. It was relatively cheap to fly out of San Francisco and Tyler was a doll and drove me there. It's about a two hour drive to San Fran. I gave him money for gas to help which is cheaper than storing my car in a garage for the weak or paying for a ticket to take a bus there.

I flew into Spokane to hang out with Mia and Blake the day before we left. Together we drove to Seattle. It was a good drive and it actually snowed in Spokane the day we headed to Seattle. So I got to see snow, ick. Flying back was easy, just one awkward moment while waiting in the Seattle airport. I headed over to my gate and sat down two seats from this young woman who smiled a bit at me. I didn't think much until she started up a conversation.

Normally I don't like to talk to strangers while traveling. I don't know how to explain it, but this time I told myself to calm down and not worry about it. I actually enjoyed chatting with her until an awkward moment sprung up. She started telling me how she felt the need to tell me that God loves me. My eyes glossed over and I just smiled and said "Thank you." I always feel odd in those situations. I don't want to get into a debate with people on their beliefs. One of my favorite quotes is, "But it does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods or no God. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg." It's from Thomas Jefferson.

However, I wish I knew how to express that I think it is inappropriate to discuss religion or spiritual beliefs with a stranger like this. I was tempted to say, "Well, glad to know your god is cool with me being an atheist." I held my tongue.

Microsoft - On Thursday we took a tour of the Microsoft building since Mia has a friend who works there. It's HUGE. Good food too there. Oh! And there was a small section of the Berlin Wall there we got to see.

Cosplaying: Mark Cohen - No one recognized me or said anything. Which I was partly surprised, but I wasn't wearing the most accurate sweater. At the same time, regular clothes. I am sure Roger and I just looked like lost hipsters who got stuck in an Anime convention. There is a cool picture of us two I will try to post in the near future.

Cosplaying: Graham Aker - No one recognized me or said anything. I am not entirely sure the Setsuna cosplayer I found while Graham made the connection, that or she didn't care. I was wearing the suit, but had a Union pin on the lapel. When I am Graham, I do not care if no one cares. Because I'm Graham. And he's awesome. And I still had fun being dressed like him on Saturday.

First order of business was to make it over to the main Gunpla booth and take a picture of myself proposing to this large Gundam Unicorn statue they had out front. It was fun and amusing. While doing so some people stopped, laughed, and took a picture as well. It was joked that because the Gundam didn't say "No." then most certainly it meant "Yes."

However! Later I was chilling in the hotel room and giving my feet a break. I was super thirsty and there was nothing going on. ani_cosmos was there and we were chatting a little as she read. I get a text from Blake mentioning that there was a Gundam cosplayer in the vender area. I cursed, quickly threw on my jacket, and hurried out the door. This happened last year and by the time I made it to the convention center I missed it. THIS time I was even in a hotel farther than last year so I was stressed. BUT I MADE IT. Made a little speech and proposed. The Gundam said, "Sure!" and I got a picture taken. Hooray~! I've dreamed of this ever since the first time I cosplayed Graham.

Mia kept calling me "dad" that day since I was a suit and since I was now engaged, Gundam became "mom." Reason why the tweets: "daddy (Graham), I dont like our new mommy. She seems cold and distant." and "daddy (Graham), I think mommy is cheating on you. I saw another man get inside her."

Cosplaying: Tintin - Super fun! And I did see other Tintins around. One was really friendly and excited to see another Tintin cosplayer. We had our picture taken together.. The other just smiled and that was it. I had a little snowy I carried around. No one really asked for pictures, but I heard people point me out. An artist in the AA stopped me, though. She seemed excited.

The best moment I had as Tintin was finding a Captain Haddock cosplayer! It was amusing. His back was turned toward me and he was with others. I was walking with a group of people and I couldn't quite tell so I began asking everyone if that was actually Captain Haddock or not. (I was in the back.) Everyone kept looking around and I just kept asking. . .I don't think the person in front knows who Captain Haddock is.

So! Got my picture taken with him of course! On an amusing note, after my picture was taken I went back to my group and chatted, but then someone came up to me and asked me if I could go back and stand with Captain Haddock so she could get a picture too. I think she said it was for her boyfriend and that he would be upset if she didn't take the chance. Ha ha!

Cosplays I Saw - Saw some great cosplays. Unlike last year, there was DEFINITELY a high saturation of two specific series. So many pony cosplays and so many Homestuck related cosplays. Everywhere. I mean EVERYWHERE. Kids and trolls. I think the kid I saw the most is named Dave? I really don't know much about Homestuck other than the friends I have who are in it. That's why I was able to recognize it.

I saw a really nice Searchman.EXE. I sadly couldn't get a picture and I never saw them again. There was an Enzan I was able to get, though. Of course there was a Gundam Unicorn, but there was also another Gundam. I can't remember which one. . .but it was battle-damaged. It looked awesome! I did find a Ladd and Firo from Baccano! and Ladd allowed me to give him a hug. I found an awesome Tiger cosplay.

OH OH OH! Furries! There was this AMAZING fursuit! I wish I had thought to look at their badge to see the name (assuming it was their fursona name.) We were behind them on the escalator and it was a white leopard. I kept seeing them from the side and it looked so realistic. I went to ask them if I could get a picture of them and they turned, saw I was looking at me, and kind of did this little. . .bite thing at me! I have seen fursuits before where the mouths can move and even eye blinking, but only online! It was so cool to see it up close in person. I got a picture and a hug and they were so adorable and was always in character. Mia scritched their head for example (the fur was so soft!) and they did the little dough-ball pawing thing. :D I heart them like woah. X3

Um. I did see two Gumshoes! But one worked at the AA so I only could tell them I am hugging them with my mind. I did get a hug from another one I found walking around. I did get a 8-bit Red Mage and maybe Kain Highwind?

Found a Season 2 Setsuna. Amusing there as I was dressed as Graham and they sat right in front of me at a panel. They had the flower~

The People - Got to see some old friends and also meet some people for the first time! Mia and Blake are friends from Spokane and I shared a room with them. Also joining us was Blake's sister Val and her friend Brady. Very cool people. ani_cosmos also joined us and it was great to see more of her as compared to last year. :D Got to also see Treyu, Money, Christina, and Neth again. ALSO! Got to meet some people from Twitter including @clindhartsen, @williamm0891, @tsykoduk, and @Chaotic_Cobalt. AND! Got to actually say hi to AG and Kolibri this time and get hugs!

Things I Purchased - Goodness gravy. I spent a lot of money, but I had been sitting on a good chunk of change for almost a year with the intention of just spending it at SakuraCon.

MG Gundam Exia is what I wanted most. Going to build it as the Exia Repair. Two roles of tape are hounds-tooth patterned and I am going to use it for my scrap booking. Candy of course! The Megaman patch was a gift from Treyu and the art book I got from a store in the International District. Not pictured is a little Enact I got from a mystery box. I think it is a rare since it is all gold and he will have a new home with taichara. X3 Also not pictured is another print I bought is a gift that I haven't given yet.

Inside the artbook~ Aaaaaaah. Neferu~~~ I love Yun Kouga's art so much. There is a third Gundam 00 artbook by her that I need to get too.

Bought some things from the Artist Alley! I was so excited to see something Star Fox so I got that without question. I thought the Kyoya and Tamaki were too adorable to pass up. The Edgeworth buttons I bought from a Gumshoe, lol. The Edgeworth and Castiel are actually stickers. There was actually a lot of Supernatural art for sale, I thought this Castiel was the cutest of them. The Microsoft mint tin was from the Microsoft building.

The last three buttons were the last things I bought on Sunday. The artist was really sweet. At first I bought just the FML and !?! buttons, but she said I could have another button for free! The woman I was really drawn to and asked who it was. It's an Original Character of hers from a game she worked on. It seems I have misplaced her business card, though. Boo.

The other print I bought. Really fell in love with it and got the last one. I don't know what it is about this print that I love.

Event: Opening Ceremonies - I must say that Opening Ceremonies was nice this year. There were no problems and didn't seem to drag on like last year or the year before.

Event: Your World, Why Functional Fiction Requires Realism - I found this to be an interesting panel. Made some interesting points about addictions, deus ex machina, and how suspension of disbelief only works to a point. A lot of it I was already familiar with, but it made me feel better with the details I've tried working on. Gave me some things to think about, though. The only downfall of this panel was that it did get hijacked by the audience twice. . .once a rant about whether fanfiction is bad or good and once about Star Wars.

Event: Making Visual Novels - There was no projector, but the person running the panel still made it entertaining and it was still a good panel. I didn't know what a Visual Novel was, so it was interesting to learn. But maybe it was a bad idea as now I want to try and make one, ha ha!

Event: It's a Wrap! - An Old Idea with a New Twist - With some free time, ended up in this panel. It's about the art of Furoshiki and using a square cloth to wrap and carry items.

Event: Voice Acting with Masakazu Morita - Another free time moment. Slipped in with Mia and Blake. It's the voice actor for Ichigo from Bleach. Even though I am not a fan of Bleach, it was still interesting to sit on and learn a bit about voice acting.

Event: Where Fanfiction Goes To Die - Went to this panel again. Hilarious! But I think last year's was better. It's where they read horrific erotic fanfic and sometimes act it out!

The first fic was Sailormoon with Artemis/Diana. Argh. It was written while they are cats, but the sex was written as if they were humans. As the author explained, since they CAN be human, they have "human knowledge" and asked for people not to point out that, uh, cats don't have sex like that.

Then came a fic that I just. . .I don't know what the fuck. It was Hetalia with Whale/America. That's right. Beastiality. A whale. A whale and America.

Of course we had to have a My Little Pony fic. More beastiality. It was Twilight Sparkle with a human version of herself. She summoned her from another universe which ended up being human. It ended up being weirdly poetic near the end as it talked about how Twilight Sparkle was able to love herself on a new level as they are two bodies embracing each other connected with one soul. Or something like that.

There was another reading of the Harry Potter fic from last year. The one that wasn't erotic, but so fucked up. It was still fucking hilarious the second read through and the people are so dramatic when reading it. I am tempted to try and make fanart of it before next years panel. I am thinking Movie Poster style. It's called HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH if you are curious to read it. But seriously! It's not brain safe at all.

The final fic was Candy Land. Yes. The child's board game and as the author explained, "If it seems to be written at the level of a third grader, just remember this fic is about a child's board game!" Uh. Yeah. I want to say this fic was bad, but really. . .all of them were. It was long and drawn out in the beginning as it talked about going around the game board. In the end? Evenything got really fucking weird as Lord Licorice killed everyone and had his way with Queen Frostine's corpse. Yeah.

I can't make this shit up.

Event: Stereopony Concert - Good group of all women and all of them are so fricken adorable! Enjoyed it.

All done with that!
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