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Fave Tweets From Last Week

  • Clearly, I am going to die in California.
  • Spam has been so bad on Twitter lately that you could take a drink each time one tweets at you and get plastered in an hour.
  • Or possibly just die of alcohol poisoning.
  • I forgot to wear my ring today. I will try not to destroy this place with idle hands.
  • I am already up to 40,015 tweets. Clearly I don't shut up. Ever.
  • God, I fucking love Graham. He's amazing.
  • I never understood the "Slept like a Baby" phrase. Babies wake up and cry throughout the night. I don't want to sleep like that.
  • That awkward moment where the driver in front of you who is pissing you off pulls into the same workplace as you.
  • Mr Aker is behind a Ms Jozie! (custom plates.)
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