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All packed for SakuraCon. Just a couple of little things I am missing, but that's why I have a list! To remind me! I did find brown pants for Tintin, but no Snowy which surprised me. With Tintin having a movie I thought somewhere there would be a Snowy.

I drove around all day yesterday and barely had time to do the laundry I needed to do and finish packing. Some how did. It was important to do it yesterday since I knew I wouldn't have time today. It's Monday so that means after work I eat and then go to group and get home around 10. I have to get up before 5:30am tomorrow, so I don't want to stay up late tonight.

Tomorrow I head to Spokane! :D Day after that I go to Seattle! So can't wait. ♥

I won't be updating Livejournal or Tumblr while I am away, but Twitter is still available! If you don't have or use twitter, you can still check in on my page and scroll through. Anything that starts with an @ symbol is a reply to someone else. If you click on it you will see what I am replying to specifically.

My twitter is probably annoying to read, though. I truly use it as a thought bubble. Ha ha. (As my Fave Tweets From Last Week show.)

Side note for WMT: I am bringing my dice bag so that I can reply while I am away. Mwa ha~
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