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SakuraCon Packing List!

Writing up the list of things to pack so I don't forget anything! Woo! I have to be creative with my packing as I really don't want to put my suit in my checked luggage. (I guess I could wear the jacket and pack the pants) So let us see~

Cosplay Related
-Travel wig stand
-Makeup bag
-Graham wig
-Graham Suit, shirt, and tie
-Tintin Sweatshirt, shirt, and pants
-Engagement ring
-Mark scarf, sweater, and glasses
-Where's Waldo shirt, hat, and glasses

-2 Pairs of jeans
-4 T-shirts
-Arm warmers
-Socks n' Stuff

Stuff n' Stuff
-Phone +charger
-Nook +charger
-Travel toothpaste bag
-SakuraCon registration papers
-Pills pills pills
-Camera +charger
-Strawberry Panic Manga 1 and 2
-Therapy paperwork
-Car seat suit hanger

I might not actually wear my Where's Waldo outfit. It's compact and thought I would bring it just in case for fun. Maybe that will be my Thursday outfit for getting our badges.
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