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Fave Tweets From Last Week

  • I need Angel to come on over to play some drums to make this damn <s>akita</s> pit bull jump off the balcony. It won't shut up!
  • Suddenly remembering that time a coworker received a hamburger in the mail. It wasn't pleasant.
  • I do not have an appropriate icon to express my feelings of being disturbed and disgusted right now.
  • That awkward moment where you type Santa Maria as Satan Maria.
  • *Gets bored with drawing Graham.* *Goes to Tumblr and finds someone with a Graham icon is now following me.* . . . *Goes back to drawing.*
  • I think "SMH" should be "So Much Hate." When I become president, I am going to make sure to use this.
  • Apparently I unlocked a sticker called "Flawed" on GetGlue. . . . A WEBSITE IS JUDGING ME BASED ON MY TV INTERESTS!
  • I wanna cosplay Joshua again. I am probably thinking that because I am listening Britney Spears. And Britney Spears = Joshua. Always.
  • Just gave the cat a Christian Side-Hug. She was not amused.
  • Every time I fave without commenting on dA I wonder if that artist hates it. And then I smile and do it some more.
  • All right. Who took Kion's d10?!
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