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Therapy Day 29: Celebration

Since it had been so long since I had my regular therapy session, there was a lot of catching up to do. In doing so, we spent much of the session celebrating the progress I have done since beginning therapy. She made a point to discuss things I had said in the past and the difference in how I am dealing with situations.

It was a wonderful meeting. Overall I am feeling good about myself and this has been a constant. I think my main struggle is getting my life organized so I can find time to do the things I want to do again like drawing, crafts, and read on top of socializing.

I haven't written about group therapy from yesterday, but I brought up an issue with Maren that had been mentioned yesterday.

I told her how much "I am thankful you are alive." hit me and I know I need to allow myself to cry about it. But it is hard. I seem to get the emotions when it isn't a good time like at work and then when I make time, the feelings aren't there.

The last bit of the session was us working on that. I think I know a good exercise to help me work through these feelings. While doing the exercise in Maren's office, something else came up. I want to do something small, but special to me for my birthday.

I have plenty of time to figure out what, but I feel like I need that.
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