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Fave Tweets From Last Week

  • If there is an Intelligent Designer, can someone please explain to it that its design of the sinuses suck and not very Intelligent?
  • The human body is really gross sometimes. I'll just leave it at that.
  • I bet I could do a series of comics for years around Graham, Mehna, and Billy. With an on going story and every thing.
  • Oh snap. Raspberry M&Ms are the best ever!
  • You know it is sad when you get excited for $4.15 for gas.
  • What if. . .we didn't hit the "reply all" button every time? What if. . .
  • Man, I heart Graham.
  • Would it be weird to draw someone else's unique OTP? I feel like it's weird because I have discovered this from reading a convo online.
  • So I feel like a weird stalker or something. Granted it is posted online in a public forum. . .
  • I just have this desire to support almost any pairing that involves Graham.
Emphasis on the "almost" in that last tweet.

Almost any pairing.

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