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I've been wanting to write, but damn. I don't know where free time has been going.

I was sick, but I seem to be on the upswing. Currently still dealing with some PND and it hurts like a damn to yawn, but otherwise fine. Therapy has been going really well, but that will be another entry.

SakuraCon - Getting pretty excited for SakuraCon in a couple of weeks! I am going to need to write out what to pack and figure out how to pack it all since I am flying. I am actually going to Spokane to hang out with some friends before we all drive up to Seattle together. We are sharing a room together so it will be super nice to be with a group of people again. It is a less stressful sharing a room with one other person, but I think having more people is more fun. This year we will also be sharing a room with ani_cosmos again which I am excited for!

I'll be in Seattle Wednesday and I have it set up so I will be back in California Monday the 9th. I don't want to miss my therapy sessions so squeezed my vacation time between them.

I am not really doing any new costumes really, but I still feel like I have a lot to pack and figure out. I actually had a custom sweater made for Mark Cohen since it is so iconic, but I ordered it late so I am not sure it will arrive on time. End of March is the earliest it will arrive, so. . .it might be a Fanime cosplay. Ha ha. I am purposely waiting on getting my hair cut just in case the sweater arrives in time and I will need to cut my hair like his. But man. My hair is driving me nuts right now! I use to grow out my hair to my shoulders before cutting it and now having two inches in the back is enough to drive me insane.

I did get a suit for Graham, though. The shirt I was super worried about for when I was measured for men's shirts in the past, one place was saying that my neck size isn't common? I found a blue shirt with my necksize and it fits. The arms are a little big, but the shoulders surprisingly, chest, and neck all fit fine! And the sleeves are the right length. The suit though, well. I ordered it knowing I can exchange it at the store if needed. It's the perfect length for me. The shoulders are a little big for me however when you look at me you can't tell. I just know wearing it that it doesn't fit how a suit should fit there. The chest size of the suit is larger than the dress shirt and yet I think it might be too small. If I didn't button it, I think it would be fine. . .I don't know. I'm going to go to the store on Friday to try on the next size up to see if that helps. I'm just. . .nervous.

Oh! Also while at SakuraCon I am finally going to meet a twitter friend. I actually think I met him from deviantArt first and then we began chatting on twitter. I'm excited. He is currently going to my college and this will be his first time at an anime con. :3

I am pretty optimistic about my mascot entry this year. Winners are supposed to be notified shortly before the con and the cut-off date was last week. Of course, I am optimistic every time I enter! Ha ha. Even if I don't place I am excited to post my entry to the internet. I think that's the hardest part for me is sitting on it and not posting it online until after the contest is over.

Self-Esteem - Maybe better for my therapy post, but I want to mention it here. Since I was sick Saturday, I didn't get any laundry done like I needed to. So my choices in clothing are very limited in terms of shirts. Yesterday as I was staring at them I realized I could just dip into the clothes from the closet of things I try not to wear. ( I think I am three shirts away from my goal now. ) So I picked off a shirt, ripped off the tags, and wore it to work.

Barely in the door to work and someone complimented me on the shirt which surprised me. I really don't hear that often. While I had my jacket still on, it was open and you could see the front. Later on in the day when I had my jacket off someone commented on it and then talked about how they really liked it for a little bit. Made me smile and made me feel good. I know I shouldn't use that to build up my self-esteem so to speak, but I am trying to use that moment to show myself how ridiculous I am being when it comes to clothes.

Speaking of clothes. . .

Sewing - I need to do this in my life! I joked with a coworker that I need a two bedroom apartment with one bedroom being an art room. There are too many art things I want to do. I don't have room for sewing right now since my table is taken up by collaging, but yeah. Sewing. It's hard to find clothes I want that fit on top of clothes I like in the colors I want.

My dream wardrobe would be button up shirts in an assortment of colors, ties in an assortment of colors, and weird pants. By weird I mean houndstooth or plaid or fun stripes or not too crazy but kind of crazy patterns. I saw this pair of PAISLEY pants and it is fantastic. That's what I want. I like weird pants. I have a good collection already, but I want more.

That's me. And I realize I should just make them myself.
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