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General State of Being

I don't have to try and think about Graham. Life just presents me with stuff and things that remind me of him.

Twitter yesterday:
Anibunny: Read today's Penny Arcade due to tweets. All I can think of is Graham.
Anibunny: I'm like the only fan in Gundam 00 who is convinced that Graham would rarely ever give up the Captain's seat. Even to Billy.
Chakramchucker: @Anibunny isn't 'all I can think of is Graham' just your general state of being.

(PA Comic in Question)

Then just now, went to the break room with a friend. She got a soda. Not wanting to go back to her desk, she slipped between two of the vending machines that had a gap between them. . .that I never noticed before.

I just.


I can't turn it off.
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