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Fave Tweets From Last Week

  • Sometimes I hate PowerPoint. Other times. . .I'm not using it.
  • Lately half the commercials on Hulu for me skip, making them three times as long and like 50 times more annoying.
  • A coworker just came into my office eying free candy and then jumped back. She stormed out saying, "I'M NOT DOING IT!"
  • . . .woah. Serious case of deja vu. I guess I died and came back to my last save point.
  • Boy, I LOVE it when people stand in doorways to talk.
  • I want a T-Shirt that says: "I was sent to the friendzone, but at least I got this T-Shirt."
  • That horrible feeling when opening up a PSD file and finding all the layers have been flattened.
  • That awkward moment where you run into a pillar because you're distracted by someone cute.
Majority of my tweets sucked last week.

All of the above are literally the only good ones.
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