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Art Books. Hnnnng.

I went to Gilroy after work since we don't have a chain bookstore anymore and I needed some good magazines for making a collage for group. She gave us some magazines, but I couldn't find enough pictures to finish in what I had. Plus, I want some artsy stuff.

While at Barnes n' Noble I went ahead and peeked at mangas and found a complete collection of a series that I was having trouble finishing. I haven't been able to find volume 3 anywhere for years! So I snatched it. (Strawberry Panic)

I peeked at the drawing books and sa;kfjh;fkggh. I wish I hadn't.

I found one about How to Draw Furries. YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND. I've wanted to draw anthros for like. . .ever. I can't brain them. I try and I fail. I love How To books because it is a foundation for me and it is fun to pick up tricks or see things different and this one looked good and I think it would help me and whine.

I want it.

But my next pay check will be smaller since February is shorter and I am having more taxes taken out. And with gas $4.10, I have to be good. I even pushed back therapy a month in case. But next month, I may have to go back and get that book because oh my goodness. Want.
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