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Feeling pretty good right now. Had a good dinner with two sides. I rarely have "sides." Chicken with pasta and had some pears too. I am trying to eat healthier and just generally be healthier.

Baby steps. I purposely didn't buy any frozen food this weekend (I have to eat out Monday nights because of group. Hooray Subway!) and so it was odd coming home and thinking about cooking.

Tomorrow leftovers which will give me time to finish dishes. Thursday stirfry.

I have lunch ready for tomorrow. Got some nice music playing right now. Feel pretty relaxed, though I haven't been able to get all I wanted done done this evening. Like I need to do some reading and I want to do some writing as well.

I slept so good last night that I am hoping for a repeat tonight. When I woke up this morning I could tell and I still felt so comfortable. And my cat was with me. It was nice~
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