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Part of me wants to see if I could give up severely cut back on Graham for Lent.

My mother is Catholic. She had me observe Lent sort of growing up. Even though I had no understanding of the significance or meaning for it. Therefore, I always saw it as a game and a test you do yourself.

So yes. Even today. It still seems like a game to me. I know it is horrible of me to take what is an important observance to millions of people and view it as a game or take it for entertainment.

I blame lack of sleep on this idea.

I haven't been sleeping well the past two nights.

So come at me with your pitchforks and torches tomorrow after I (hopefully) get some sleep please. There is plenty of time to kill this heathen later~

Maybe I will give up chocolate instead. WAIT. I could never give up chocolate during Easter Candy Time. D: Which is BEST holiday candy time!

I really need sleep.
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