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Lady Mondegreens

When I mishear lyrics it tends to be. . .close. Or at least nothing strange. Like, I never question that I might be hearing them wrong. I figure it out later.

I've gotten into some new music lately and, ah, some of the lyrics? What I am hearing is so random that I hurry home/work and have to look them up right away. I have to share a few! Top is what I hear and bottom is the actual lyric.

She wears a dress like a bunny babe everyday. . .
She wears a dress like a body bag everyday. . .

I am Dukakis. Beating the odds then. . .
An empty carcass behind the artist. . .

And it's a Secret Santa, the hardest thing to keep from you. . .
Hands, like secrets, are the hardest thing to keep from you. . .
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