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Compliment and Confidence

I got a really nice compliment at work today. I was chatting with a coworker who I hadn't really spoken with much lately. So we were kind of catching up on things. Found out she will be leaving next week.

As I was telling her a bit how I have been doing she tells me that she has really has noticed a difference in me. Even though we haven't socialized, we still work together with her in sales. She says she can see that I am a lot more confident when talking and just in general. I know my attitude in general has shifted and I do feel more confident about things.

It's great since thinking back to the compliment my boss gave me from the little presentation I did in a meeting a bit ago. I worked real hard both Monday and Tuesday and all my hard work was for nothing. My boss really showed his appreciation and I didn't feel cheated in any way.

I like how I was able to present myself today when I was "training" a new employee. (Training isn't the right word, but I wasn't shooting the breeze either. I guess going over things he needs to know in regards to the web.) I don't know how to describe it. Usually I feel flustered and anxious while sitting with a new employee. After I often feel down and awkward, but I didn't feel any of those emotions at all. I did get flustered, but I had been busy and wasn't mentally ready for our appointment. Even though I picked the time. Ha ha! But I think I handled it well and I felt very comfortable over all.

I dunno. I've been feeling really good in general. Even with all the stress and the lower morale in sales lately. I just feel good.
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