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Fave Tweets From Last Week

Reasons why not to follow me on twitter:
  • I need to write a shopping list so I can leave it at home and curse about forgetting it when I am at the store.
  • as;kjfha;kjdhf;kfggdd. omg. My work d20 is going every where with me. ~*Natural 20*~
  • Everything I am finding online is telling me I can open a .wpd file in Microsoft Word. THAT’S A LIE.
  • Well. Fine. TECHNICALLY I can open it, but I can’t read: [][][]2340#&@[]@[][]!)@#[][][][]safdw[][][][][][]*7^[][][]\|\[]:’::”/.<.[][]
  • I wanna hold a class for my coworkers on how not to press the “Reply All” button.
  • Corgis are ugly. #fact
  • I got someone to agree with me that Joshua Edwards is Britney Spears. My life is complete and I can go to bed now.
  • dsjahfsdf. 5am is a terrible thing to exist.
  • I had a dream about Graham. Only. He was going to go on a date with Feldt. I officially hate my brain.
  • Random note: I would say I will never ship Graham/Feldt, but I did once say I would never ship Graham/Billy so…I just can’t make promises.
  • West Coast is Best Coast. #Fact
  • I am drawing Graham sitting in a Gundam. Only one thing can happen in that situation.
Questions? Comments? Concerns? Forget concerns, I know everyone has concerns about me.

Twitter:  A constant stream of my thoughts.  It's terrifying.  I know. 
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