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Because I Feel Like Sharing.


I love drawing wings and it is one of my favorite things to draw. This is really why I gave both Apocalypse and Genesis wings in the very beginning.

But it honestly annoys me the more I develop their story in preparation to drawing the comic as I can’t explain why they have wings. I’ve put so much thought and consideration into everything else. I can explain why and how gods can die, how magic works for both humans and gods, why Apocalypse is dark skinned and Genesis is light skinned, and why Sephira does not have breasts.

I can’t explain why Apocalypse and Genesis have wings. I don’t want to remove them or take that away from them. To me it is much as apart of them as any other limb.

This secretly bothers me.

I've always kind of had some sort of explanation for them, but I do not think it is a very good one.
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