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I want to put together a scrap journal of sorts with old artwork and doodles. So last night I was digging through some boxes of art and oh my goodness.

Some things were terrible. Some things I still liked after all this time.

As I was digging through it all, though wow. How I use to create pictures compared to now. . .I can't believe I was able to finish so many drawings years ago. I would sketch, trace it to ink it, scan, and color. I saw some of my old comics and how I would draw those, damn.

I have a huge stack of art I want to use so I have a feeling that the journal I ordered is going to be filled rather quickly. Ha ha ha. The hard part is how to collage them all in the book. I think I will add doodles ontop of them when they are in the book to add color since most are black and white.

If it turns out well, I will take pics. I should be getting the journal Monday!
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