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Oh Tumblr

On occasion I see these long rants and "discussions" on veganism. It always seems to boil down to this:

"If you truly loved love animals you would be vegan!"
"I can't be vegan because I. . .
a. . . .can't afford to!"
b. . . .have a medial condition!"
c. . . .don't have the resources to do so!"
d. . . .live in a food desert!"

I never see people like me chiming in and sometimes I am tempted to, but oh damn. When Tumblr hate comes at you, it really comes at you. But yeah.

Where are the people who aren't vegan because they don't see anything morally wrong with eating meat? ;3

I guess we are all too busy eating meat products while this is happening on Tumblr. This omnivore holds no guilt what-so-ever about it.
Tags: food, tumblr, wait whut?
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