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So. People say I have a right to be offended by something and that I need to understand that just because I'm offended doesn't mean everyone else will be.

So, they aren't offended. And they say they acknowledge that I have a right to be.

Then they say they don't get why I find something offensive.

So I explain it to them.

Then they proceed to tell me I shouldn't be offended by it and go on to say how it is my fault for being offended by it.

Then they wonder why I'm angry with them. I mean, really?

I'm not angry with you because you aren't offended by something I find offensive. I'm angry that you're trying to steamroll over my feelings and opinions so YOU don't feel guilty for not being offended by it. Guess what? You can't say I have a right to be offended by something and turn around and try to tell me how I am wrong and how I am the one to blame for it. It doesn't work that way.
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