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To end on a happy note so I don't go to bed in a bad mood. . .

Driving home today I was thinking about dumb stuff.

So like, there was a time where I just drew Serenade and Meijin nonstop.

I sort of want to do that with Neferu and Graham.

I probably won't, but I enjoy thinking about it.

I have a ridiculous sitcom running in my head with Neferu, Graham, Billy, and Mehna. I'm so pathetic.

But I love it so much.

I have a love-hate relationship with my imagination. I make Joshua sing Britney Spears, Graham continues to completely embarrass Billy pretty much accidentally, argue with him about what it means to be friends "with benefits," and gets confused as to why going out with a friend/comrade is a "date."

I will draw out the Friends with Benefits conversation though someday. I have to. It's too hilarious not to exist outside of my head. It might not be what you're thinking.

This is my brain.

Everyone should be glad that they don't have my brain.
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