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Distracted by Dice

I was stacking dice. Got three towers, but the fourth one didn't go well and I kept toppling them over so I gave up. Ended up explaining dice to someone who hasn't really gamed.

Apparently I have three sets of 'ittle dice. I thought I only had two which I remember buying. But I guess I have a dark blue set~ ('Ittle Dice)

Anibunny: There you go~
Screenname: But thanks for the pic, now I have a much better idea of how small baby dice are.
Anibunny: Ha ha ha. Maybe someday they will grow up! :D
Screenname: What do they want to be when they grow up?
Anibunny: I think my d20 wants to be president.
Anibunny: I would vote for it for president
Screenname: Ha ha ha. But your d3 only wants to be a d6 when it grows up.
Anibunny: Don't be silly. I don't have a d3~
Anibunny: Someday I will get a d3, but that's an odd one to have.
Anibunny: I also want a d100.
Screenname: Is that pyramid-shaped die not a d3?
Anibunny: No. It's a d4.
Screenname: Oh.
Anibunny: It has 4 sides. The side on bottom is the side that counts. That's why you can read the 4 no problem.
Anibunny: Though I have seen them in the corners. . .
Screenname: Oh.
Anibunny: I actually took the time to make the face of the side show what it is! :D d6, d12, d8, d10, d10percent, d20, and d4. :D
Screenname: Oh! Ooooh.
Screenname: Ha ha, a D100 looks like a golf ball.

Two of my dice towers~:
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