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Art and Streaming

I have Monday off so I will be Livestreaming. Just a heads up. I'll make a post that day.

Been working on my SakuraCon mascot entry the past couple of days. I didn't enter last year with working on my Megaman entry.

I think she looks adorable, but at the same time she looks very simple and plain to me. Which has me a little worried. At the same time, I think that's just because I didn't put her in some elaborate costume or outfit. Which is what you usually see with the entries.

Don't get me wrong, I think that's the fun part. Here are some of my favorite entries from last year: Twins | Flute Player | Water Dragon

And I do really like the winner and the mascot for this year: Sailor and Norwhal

I opted for something simple and more everyday.

I am also really pushing myself on this drawing. I got really into it and when I got to the point where I would need to begin inking, I took a step back and realized her posture looked a bit. . .funny. I really didn't want to face that truth. Her center of gravity was off. I was tempted to go with it, but that was my error last time. Someone had pointed out my last mascot entry was leaning in a way that would make it hard to stand.

I didn't want to start over and I wasn't sure how to fix this. I traced parts on separate layers and rotated and moved them and found it worked rather well. I didn't have to redraw much and I fixed the problem. She doesn't look as "cutesy" to me, but she looks cute and more mature.

I'm just now struggling with one of her hands which is the only part I haven't inked as I keep redrawing it. As much as I love drawing hands, never drawn this position and it just keeps looking bad to me.

I can't wait to color.
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