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Started feeling sick on Friday. Which is extremely annoying given I was sick for three months, then healthy for a little bit and started feeling sick again.

Not wanting to be sick again I’ve done everything and anything I could think of to help my body fight it. I am starting to think I’ve been delaying the inevitable.

All weekend I felt vaguely sick. Didn’t seem to go anywhere up or down. Sunday night I couldn’t sleep at all and so I woke up Monday feeling bad. I got better though as the day went on. Got more sleep Monday night, but again woke up yesterday feeling bad. Again I got better though as the day went on except I began coughing again.

Last night I kept waking up coughing and on top of that, night sweats were making me really cold and that would wake me up.

Now here I am and I feel terrible. More so than I have this entire time since Friday.

I am so annoyed.

Sick and coughing for three months…I get better…two weeks later I feel like this. All of my hate.
Tags: it's not lupus
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