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Delicacies and eating oddities.

Watching episodes of Taboo. Each episode has a theme and show different cultures doing something that others may consider Taboo.

I'm currently watching their Delicacies episode. Which, of course I started while eating. Because that makes sense. The first bit was something I already knew about. Iceland's fermented shark, pickled ram testicles, and lamb head.

. . .I'd try the testicles. That shark, I. . .don't know. It doesn't sound pleasant. They also showed rat as being a delicacy in West Africa and damn. Seeing how much work it is to get a rat there, I can see why. I'd try that. Even though I think rats are cute.

I usually consider myself a picky eater. And there are some things I won't try because. . .I guess the wiring in my head says "Don't." For example (which I've never admitted) is. . .anything white and creamy. It's why I would try Ranch dressing for so long and same with sour cream. Also, I've never tried tartar sauce.

I honestly have no idea how I ever tried Caesar dressing. It was probably mixed in with lettuce instead of poured over it, because I am sure if I saw poured over lettuce and didn't know what it tasted like, I wouldn't try it. The gears in my brain come to a crunching stop.


Even though I can be picky and I am weird about what I won't try, there are things that make other people wince or winkle their nose at that I am totally for trying.

The reason why I am writing about this is to share one line that made me laugh:

"Eating a penis is about as loaded an activity as you could imagine."

Sure, I would try one if prepared correctly~! This show is showing bull penis.
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