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Haven't slept well the past two nights, but at least I did get SOME sleep last night. Even remember my dream and. . .what the hell?

Starts with me as a victim of a shark attack. My leg had been bitten. I'm in pain. Black out as I am heading to the hospital and awake in a hospital bed. Some people are in the room with me, but haven't noticed I woke up yet. They are talking about me saying they tried something new and were able to save my leg or something. Sort of.

I try moving my leg and something doesn't feel right. Doctor finally looks over and then comes over to me. Something about I can't use that leg anymore, but they put on a sort of prosthetic that will help me walk. I throw off the blanket and on my leg up to my knee is this weird. . .contraption. Looked very futuristic. White, silver, and was glowing blue a bit. You could barely see my actual leg.

Before anyone could say anything I quickly try getting out of bed and promptly fall over. It felt like what I imagine a prosthetic would feel like. In that I have to balance on it? I don't know how to explain it. Either way, I am pretty upset about this and they are trying to explain I need to go to some physical therapy to learn to learn how to walk with it. They help me back into bed.

THEN! Bruce Willis entered the room! But he was some action character that reminds me of the main character in The Fifth Element. There is something wrong. About a bomb or something. And suddenly he and I are no longer in a hospital, but in a museum. He says we need to get somewhere safe and he hurries off. I try to follow only. . .lol. Leg. I have trouble, but at least I am not falling over. I explain to him I can't walk well so he carries me off somewhere, sets me down, and leaves me there.

This is where my memory gets fuzzy.

I know I tried helping him and some other guy out anywhere. I did get better at walking, but discovered that I do have some feeling in my leg and if I push myself, it will cause me a lot of pain. At one point I show Bruce my leg thing and he gets all excited saying someday he wants to work with that kind of technology. He seemed pretty excited to know me.

At some part of the museum it was a high school. I was trying to warn them about the bomb. No one listened.

I get carried off once again and left somewhere in front of this exit. Time was running out. This guy demands I let him out so I do and when I do, he looks back and smirks, before running off. I knew he planted the bomb and I got upset with myself. I quickly yell at Bruce and he hurries off after the guy. I hurry out the door and find myself heading out into a large city with lots of pedestrians. I am a bit confused by it. I then hear some explosions, but can't see from where. None of us can. I tell them there was a bomb in the museum and so that was probably it.

Then suddenly a plane crashes right in front of us and we all die.

I wake up in Super Mario World and let's not even try to explain what happened there.
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