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Haven't really had a weekend to myself in a while. Looking forward to this weekend where the only thing I will have to do is the usual weekly errands like getting gas in the car and grocery shopping.

Something I want to do is sit down and write out goals for myself in what I want to do with my life. Something I've never really done and never really considered. It's odd to explain, but I guess I've really been living my life so enmeshed with my parents. Now that I have been breaking away from that and establishing myself as my own individual, I find myself thinking about things I really want to do for myself, even with the depression I've been in.

Again. I really don't know how to explain.

I want to write out goals for myself and things I want to do and then list out steps to get there for each. I was thinking about two things yesterday and I need to be actively doing something every month to reach them so it got me thinking.

A few years ago I use to take a "night off" every week from social media and AIM. Thursdays. I would then just specifically do things for myself for fun. AIM, twitter, and Tumblr can really eat up time and especially Tumblr and Twitter be a distraction. So I am thinking of doing that again. Right now thinking Thursday and Friday nights.

Also, since I realize that I didn't draw much (or finish much) for 2011, maybe setting up specifically one or two days every month where I livestream. Even if no one is there, I will be setting a date and time to always be drawing in.

I'll be thinking about more of this this weekend~
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