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Dealing With Anger

Adult children of toxic parents have an especially difficult time with their anger because they grew up in families where emotional expression was discouraged. Anger was something only parents had the privilege of displaying.

Most children of toxic parents develop a high tolerance of mistreatment. You may have only a vague awareness that anything out of the ordinary happened to you as a child. Chances are, you don't even know how angry you really are.

FUCK YEAH. I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore! lol.

I'm loving the end of this book. Just really showing me how far I've come. It's awesome. I'm on the section of anger and I really am feeling all, fuck yeah!

Not many, but a couple of people kind of tried to. . .steer me away from feeling angry about my situation when I discussed what I was doing in therapy and such. And I'm like. No. No. I have every right to be angry. Of course I am going to be angry. Let me be angry. Bring up concerns if I am still very angry some time from now and don't seem to be getting better.

But I feel like my anger in my everyday life has gone down as I started allowing myself to feel angry about my situation. Even now when specifically talking about what I went through or reading things. . .I don't feel as angry anymore.

And I just keep feeling so incredibly optimistic about my future. Like truly optimistic.
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