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Sex Dreams

I had sex dreams last night! Well, my kind of sex dream. A dream where sex is the goal and then it never happens.

My subconscious is so awesome at preventing me from having sex in a dream.

But the first one I didn't want to have sex. It was, ah, Tony Stark. I had one hand handcuffed to a pipe and in some sort of basement or something like a garage. Cold floor, concrete, steel. . .that kind of setting. I was annoyed. And Tony was trying to get me to agree to have sex with him, but I didn't want to.

At one point he crawled over me. He was on all fours over me and I just turned my head and stared at the wall, not saying anything. That's when he got up and left me there.

The other one I was at a hotel for some sort of convention and find myself chatting with this extremely hot guy. We end up flirting and I bring up sex. He talks about going back to his room and I follow. He is staying in a huge suite…with like 12 other people. But the suite is more like an apartment with rooms so I am not too disappointed yet.

He leaves for a bit and I try to follow him and get lost. I find a bathroom and find myself wearing an apron. I think wouldn’t it be sexy to take off everything and keep just the apron on? But at the last minute I decide against it and thank goodness as I hear someone coming, think it is the guy, and turns out to be an old man who looks like a farmer. He shows me where the guy headed off to and so I go that way.

To find him sleeping in a makeshift bed around several other sleeping people.

And I am just annoyed.

And sexually frustrated.

And hated everyone and everything in the dream.
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