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Today has been a good day so far. Slept well. Went to the bank and got my car wash. It was desperately needing it. I then did a lot of shopping and got a lot of clothes. There's a new Goodwill in town, Plato's Closet, Target, and Khol's. I am in desperate need of work pants and found several. Also got some shirts. I am not up to 18 new shirts in my hall closet. That's 7 away from my goal!

I also bought a sewing machine. That's my Christmas gift to myself this year. I keep saying I want one and will get one someday so I decided to make that my gift. I would love to be able to make my own clothes as well as cosplay of course. He he~

For lunch I made hashbrowns and bacon. Which as simple as that is, totally made my afternoon. :9 I've also never made hashbrowns before, I don't know why. Super easy!

Did dishes. Still have more since cooking. Boo. Think I will do some drawing now~
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