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Weekly Fave Tweets

Each week I post my favorite tweets onto Tumblr. Don't know why I don't cross-post to here. Because I know ALL OF YOU so want to know what goes on in my head.

Seriously. That's why you shouldn't follow me on twitter. It's a personal thought-bubble for me. I post random shit and rants all the time.

Anyway. In case you are curious. Here are my fave from last week:
  • And naked Graham is crashing Photoshop
  • “Side Effects May Include: Drowsiness. Excessive tiredness.” I want those ones. Give them to me now.
  • Oops. My bdad.
  • You know what? I am just going to leave that typo. It seems fitting.
  • OH: I was going to call the news and realized we ARE the news
Bold my absolute fave tweets for easy scanning~

  • OMG IT’S 1AM?!
  • I really like how I drew this eye. Which only means when I draw the second one it will look terrible.
  • I just did the impossible! I plugged in a USB cable on the fist try.
  • I will admit, I just like Descartes because of his hair. And I think he had the potential of being an interesting Character.
  • …And he makes me think of Joshua. Because of the hair and the smirking.
  • You know a drink is strong when I say it is strong.
  • Brain: Stop eating reeses peanut butter cups. You usually hate peanut butter and chocolate together. Body: Nope. EATING IT ALL
  • OH: “We also have you for a breath test.” “Breath? Like breathing?” “Yes. You’ll just breathe into a bag.” “You can see I’m breathing.”

  • How I imagine Supernatural Fandom: “SAM & DEAN! SAM & DEAN! SAM & DEAN!” Then there’s me: “Is it just me or is every female in this hot?”
  • Holy hell I just woke up.
  • I hate it when I burst out into laughter at work. There is always the fear someone will ask me what’s up and it’s like…I can’t explain.
  • I seriously have a thing for brown hair with glasses. And I realize my main character in my comic has brown hair and glasses…
  • This Promo I keep seeing for New Girl makes just makes me dislike the show more and more. And I’ve never seen the show.
  • I am curious to know when gmail will force me to use their new look that takes away one thing I love about gmail…
  • I am so ridiculous. The things that make me fall into fits of laughter…omg.
  • My hair doesn’t believe in gravity.
  • If I ever get married I want my wedding to have a chess theme.
  • Dear Pandora. Never play Weezer for me. Never. Just. Stop.

  • Fuck you, Graham. I don’t care if you disapprove my eating of two slices of pie before dinner.
  • This bag warns that you should eat only one marshmallow at a time.
  • I seriously want a job where I color all day.
  • I have too many ideas I want to draw. Lately I can’t stop with an idea of Graham and Mehna foreheads together and both very angry/annoyed.
  • A chibi Billy in the background all like 8D;;;
  • I amuse myself with the idea that Graham considers Mehna the third wheel since he was there first.
  • “He’s MINE!” “You can’t OWN someone! Plus, I was here first!” “I’m his girlfriend!” “I’m his ~*BEST*~ friend!”
  • “Weve almost had sex!” “Weve been intimate!” “WHAT!?” “I’ve been inside his creations. It’s a very intimate experience you will never have!”
  • This is the brain I live with. Every. Day.

  • Watching Supernatural. I made a face at this episode and then it cut to Dean who made the same exact face.
  • Had taco truck today. They were out of chicken, which is great because I wanted some tongue.
  • …I want to give EVERY Graham cosplayer all the hugs.
  • I sometimes day dream having the sun just sitting next to me in my office. And then, you know, completely destroy the earth.
  • Clearly my headache is… . .fuck. Words. I can’t think of the word I want for this.
  • You all can laugh at me. I was yelling at my comp for not connecting to the internet and then realized the cable wasn’t plugged in router.
  • Going to check out one of my favorite clothing stores. This tweet is to remind me not to buy plaid.
  • I refuse to believe an all loving god would intelligently design the bed bug.

  • Just finished watching Inception. I always love how it ends. Ha ha ha. Ha. Bastards.
  • I’ve had headphones one for the last two hours. Did I start playing any music? No. Of course not. That would make too much sense.
  • I amuse myself with the idea that Graham has a habit of shouting “Katagiri!” when he wants something.
  • Looking at someone’s Tumblr and saw a reblog that said “Via Graham Aker.” And I freaked with excitement that there is another Graham blog
  • Only when I hovered over to see their URL name I discovered it was me.
  • …And then I was somewhat disappointed.
  • …And a little embarrassed.
  • I wish my cat would stop trying to sleep on my face.
  • “Why is there always a guy in a mask?” WHY IS THERE /ALWAYS/ A GUNDAM?
  • Ugh. I can’t stand Dumblr tonight.
  • If my coworkers could see me now…they would know I have problems.
  • I want fried chicken. Someone. Bring me some. I will love you forever.
  • So, built a shower and to conserve water only two can shower a day. Not to be a perv, but I would suggest showering together.
  • There was a spider outside my door coming in. I told it to stay as I tried to slip past it. It seemed to listen.
  • ~*Hot wings hot wings hot wings hot wings hot wings*~
  • I am scared of spiders, but not of snakes. Clearly there is something wrong with the wiring in my head.
  • I wonder how Steri-fab kills bedbugs because the death looks so painful.

  • Someone sent me bmp files. What in the world? Why?
  • There are four police cars out front and a motorcycle cop. Just so everyone knows: I didn’t do it.
  • Mrf.
  • This still applies. RT @anibunny: This is bullshit.
  • If sales people did web design, our home page would just be filled with fucking big flashy banners…
  • It’s payday and I am going to go buy chocolate! :D
  • After getting off the phone I let out a small whine and a coworker started laughing and said, “I heard that!”
  • ~*Let’s go to Canada, it’s the maple leaf state. CANADA OH CANADA IT’S GREAT!*~
  • I am in a real weird and hyper mood right now. I wish I had friends near by that I could go skipping with.

  • Got to experience the ancient ritual of waiting behind someone who pulls out their checkbook at the last possible second to pay.
  • I’m awake. Sort of. Maybe. Ow. My head.
  • Pink fluffy unicorns, dancing on RAINbows.
  • *Goes to type the word peninsula.* *Types Graham instead.* WTF. Clearly I am still sick.
  • That awkward moment where you can relate to Meg on
  • Damnit, Meg! For like…5 minutes you were my favorite character.
  • I feel like I am watching someone determined to get the square peg to go through a circular hole.
  • Damnit, sinuses. You’re doing it wrong.
  • I now want a Daffy or Donald Duck mask, take a picture of me wearing it, and post it to Facebook as “My duck face.” /random
  • I bet if Photoshop and Firefox had a crashing contest, Firefox would win. Hands down.
  • And a button just popped off my blouse I am not even kidding.
  • Is my cat going to walk in and throw up on my shoe?
  • I’m not really awake. This is all an illusion.
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