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I got an email from my dad, though it was a mass email to several people. I guess he is taking a leave of absence from his job.

It concerns me and I am insanely curious about it.

My dad loved his job. It was supposed to be only temporary for a year. . .well, something like 5 years later he continued with the company because he loved it so much. There was talk of making it permanent months ago when I was still speaking with my parents.

And I know it's not a "Well, it as only temporary and we ran out of work for you to do." because of how he phrased the email. How it worked is that his company contracted him out to a second company for a temporary job. His email says he will no longer have employment at the second company as he takes his leave of absence from the first company.

I wish I had received this email before my therapy appointment today.

I hope everything is okay.
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