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I saw the doctor today and pretty much half my day was used up. I really thought I would just go in, get prescriptions, leave. Maybe a blood test.

Never that simple.

I've had this cough since the beginning of October. I did see a doctor last month, but a walk-in clinic and not my personal internist. So I go in. I also wanted to talk about depression when I realized how badly it has gotten for me. I got some anti-depressants, ones that I have been on before.

As for the cough. . .he took blood from one arm, injected something into the other, and had me go to another facility for a chest X-Ray.

I am actually being tested for TB. I'm being pretty optimistic about it. . .but I will confess that I keep checking my arm to see if I am having a reaction to it or not yet. I can't even tell where there injection site is now. Stupid freckles.

Hopefully the chest x-ray will show something helpful.

Monday I have the TB test reading before work and the x-ray results on Thursday when I go in.
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