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I had a nightmare last night. It was intense and confusing and pretty different.

I love watching Paranormal State. I recently watched all the episodes available on Netflix again. I love paranormal stuff in a way. I love it. I really don't know where I stand on it, ghosts, demons, and things. I don't care for ghosts in fiction, but I enjoy paranormal stuff in reality. Houses that are supposedly haunted and stuff like that.

So my nightmare was influenced by the show.

It seemed like I was in my apartment, but I am not completely sure. PRS was there. That's Paranormal Research Society from the show. They were there investigating and while they weren't happy with the evidence they collected, they were certain something was there.

They started discussing this new method they hadn't really tried before. They said people under hypnosis are more sensitive to the paranormal. I offered to do it.

I lay down in the middle of the room in this makeshift bed. It's like a bunch of blankets folded down and a little pillow. I go under hypnosis and I close my eyes. I am listening to what they are saying. Even though my eyes are closed I can see in my mind what the room is like.

I start to think it isn't working. I begin to wonder what I should be seeing. That moment I see a ripple. Like the air rippled. It startles me and then there is a dark figure and I hear a low deep voice saying something to me. I can't remember what. I try talking to it.

PRS is telling me I need to not fall asleep and that I need to open my eyes. It's weird because I tell them my eyes are open, but in my mind I know they aren't. During all this I am still visualizing the room I am in. I guess like, it felt like I was seeing through my eyelids.

The figure passes over me and I feel several grasps and pulls at my stomach. Almost like someone trying to tickle me, but there was a lot more pressure and it felt really freaky. It felt REAL and I screamed, sitting up for a moment and falling back down. I start tossing and turning. I hear the PRS team asking me what's wrong and what I am seeing. I am then suddenly paralyzed with fear even though I don't see anything scary at the moment. I become stiff.

The PRS team reminds me I can't fall asleep. A few of them are laughing softly at this. I remember I was trying to scream and trying to move, but I felt like something was holding me down and that my arms were tied to my sides and legs are tied together. I am trying so hard to scream, but I can't. I hear the PRS team admit defeat and I suddenly snap out of it, sitting up again, panting, and opening my eyes. I start crying and telling them that I was trying to scream. . .that I was trying to explain what was going on. I then get the feeling the figure is there, but now I can't see it. I start backing away from everything and try to tell everyone I know it's here. There's something here.

Then I feel so emotional. So angry. And I just felt like I lost all sanity. The thing is possessing me. I tell them, "I will find a way to kill your entire family." I then fall into the wall and I start crying, grabbing my head and asking, "What is wrong with me? What is happening?" I am mentally freaking out. I'm saying, "Demons don't really exist do they? People don't really get possessed do they? But what is wrong with me? Is this me or am I going insane? Am I some how making this all up?"

I'm screaming and just so scared. Ryan, Sergey, and Michelle are all trying to get me to calm down. I wake up.
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