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I just got a bill from seeing a walk in clinic. A year ago my copay was $20. At the start of 2011 they told me my copay was going up to $25. All the times in the past it’s been $25.

But my insurance statement from my appointment in November and this bill says it is $55.

When the fuck did it more than double? I don’t remember anyone notifying me of that.

I saw a doctor for a cough that I had for one month. I still have it, a month later. That’s two months now. It’s a sinus infection. What I had surgery for back in January to help prevent.

Surgery my insurance wouldn’t cover and I am still paying off.

I don’t get it.

For the past year my medical insurance has taken a nose dive. I didn’t have to pay for blood work two years ago and now routine blood work costs me $300 plus the doctor copay.

I’m half tempted to just stop paying for health insurance. I have to be on medication for the rest of my life, but now I wonder if it would be cheaper to cancel my monthly payment and just pay for the medication in full each month.

For fucks sake why do I pay to have medical insurance? More and more this year I become convinced that I can’t afford to feed myself or take care of myself medically.

Clearly it is one or the other.
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