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Went grocery shopping today and drove past this guy who was standing in front of a park car. He was just casually looking around. I took the only open spot on the other side of the car he was in front of.

Started fighting with my phone for several minutes. Finally got out and headed back. I passed him and now he was standing in front of an empty spot that was next to the car he had been standing in front of him. I thought, "People actually save spots? Huh. Interesting."

I took out my phone and went to tweet about it and overheard him asking someone if they had any jumper cables. I looked back and watched for a moment, saw him explain he was trying to save the spot for someone who could jump his car since he needed one. The person drove off and he went back to standing in front of the spot, looking around a bit.

I am quite familiar with the problem of trying to find someone with jumper cables. It seems like very few people actually have them in their car.

I have cables just for that reason.

I start back and he looked at me and kind of went back to looking around. So I'm like, "Sorry, I couldn't help but overhear. I actually have jumper cables."

He got excited and I moved me are to the other side of him where his battery was. Then came the fun.

I've never jumped a car with this one. Or needed a jump. Or received a jump from a car like the one I drive. It has this plastic cover thing over the engine. We took the cover off what looked like the battery and it wasn't. Ha ha ha.

APPARENTLY my battery is kept in the trunk. Which, I've never heard of. I don't know. But my manual explained how to jump a car using the very thing we assumed was a battery. Got his car started.


And I learned something new about my car.
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