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My dream had everything last night. I don't remember a ton of details or the order of events, but I do remember this:

There was shopping! At this really cool store with a lot of interesting stuff. I bought a cool bag and some nicknacks and a T-shirt. I wanted more t-shirts, but stopped myself. Plus the one I really wanted they were sold out. As I was paying for them they asked if I would like to design shirts and I said yes. I was so excited to help out.

Turned out my neighbors were the characters from the show The Big Bang Theory. I slept over there and discovered they had bed bugs. Sheldon was not amused.

Billy and Graham were in it doing. . .something!

There was sex in the dream! I think. I can't remember too well. It was implied at the very least.

Everyone who I stopped talking to because of reasons or who stopped talking to me because of reasons was in it at some point! And I had the greatest and most awkward time trying to ignore them all.

And somebody died! But I don't remember who.
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