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Went shopping for clothes. Took advantage of Kohl's Black Friday sales. Didn't feel brave enough to go into Michael's.

While in a ridiculously long line at Kohl’s, there was a young man two places in front of me. He seemed pretty chill and had some headphones on. A young woman walks by carrying some things and says something to him. He starts trying to get her to stay saying she needs to wait in line with him. She starts arguing and returns back to shopping. He starts flipping out saying he isn’t waiting in line for her anymore and that he’s done and storms off with the cart he had.


Since I was out and driving, I decided to go to Plato's Closet in Monterey. I love that store. LOVE it. I didn't think they would have any Black Friday sales or anything, I just like going there. I don't go there often as it is out of the way and I hate getting out of Monterey sometimes.

So I go there and discovered the store closed. For inventory. So there were people inside all working, just not open. What the fuck. If it was closed to give people two days off for Thanksgiving, that would have been cool. But on Black Friday when people are out shopping, you're not open and yet still working? Why not have done this on Wednesday before Thanksgiving?

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