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Was poking through old files. Tried fixing up a Serenade.EXE drawing I had started. I am not too crazy about it, but I do want to draw another picture sometime:

Then discovered this one I forgot about and started working on again.

I'm not going to even explain myself.

I have to say, I don't often sketch eyes like that when working on a drawing. It annoys the fuck out of me and I don't always catch myself doing it to stop myself. Annoys me because I end up becoming attached to having their eyes like that and when I try drawing them in it looks weird to me.

Weird problem to have I know.

. . .It's honestly why my weird Graham drawing and weird Graham/Billy/Sumeragi picture have their eyes like they do.

I was thinking of trying to livestream business all the cool artists do now-a-days. I have a drawing to color~
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