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I keep going back and forth on the idea of shopping tomorrow. For clothes. Having an entire week off from work meant I could wear whatever the fuck I wanted! So I wanted jeans and t-shirts and discovered how few of those I have.

And since I've gained weight, half my jeans don't fit anymore.


But I don't know. Only a few days left before going back to work and I like the idea of not doing anything. Since I still have my cough for over a month I was considering going to a clinic tomorrow or Saturday.


Yesterday I tried making pumpkin pie. I am so terrible with cooking. I don't get it. I can get serious, pay attention to detail, and simply pay attention to what I am doing in so many situations.

Except cooking.

I screwed up one regular sized pie and 8 mini pies before getting it right. T_T It doesn't taste too bad. Just a slightly different texture and more pumpkin taste. I'm so stupid. But bonus is ALL THE PIES are lactose-free. Which makes my insides happy.
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