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So, This Happened. . .

Screenname: Well, it would have to be someone that would be exploring caves... I could see Rebecca Chambers from Resident Evil doing something like that perhaps.
Anibunny: I seriously read that as Rebecca Black and then caught my error when I got to Resident Evil and thought, ". . .Rebecca Black wasn't involved with Resident Evil."
Screenname: HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ha ha ha!
Screenname: How did you get Black out of Chambers?
Screenname: And Rebecca Black doesn't strike me as the type to wander around in caves.
Anibunny: I really don't know. I think I read Rebecca and just automatically assumed you were talking about Rebecca Black
Screenname: lol, that's too funny.
Anibunny: Yeah. I had to share. lol
Screenname: Well, thank you for sharing.
Anibunny: You are very welcome!
Tags: convo, friends: yay, wait whut?
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