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Dream Time

Had this dream that I was at work, but me and my coworker R were the only ones there. We needed to get to the wedding and he was making us both late. It was weird as one point I was wearing a tuxedo, another just a suit, and another point I was wearing a suit jacket and shirt, but these crazy funky pants. At none of the points I had a tie because he didn't like my tie and he was trying to find me a replacement.

I kept complaining we were late and said not to worry about it and he's like, "I'll just give you mine." and he came over to me and he had two ties on. A regular tie and a bow tie that you actually tie. But he clearly didn't know how to tie the bow tie.

I reach over and grab my blue bow tie I wore for Homecoming in high school. I'm like, "How about I wear this? It matches my hair!" And suddenly I had blue hair. That alone confused me and he took the bow tie away from me and put the regular tie on me.

We hurry outside to the front parking lot and suddenly we are standing on a small trail along side of a mountain. And there is this huge and steep drop off really close to the road and he's like, "Come on! I'll drive!"

And I freaked out because I know how he drives and I didn't trust him. lol.

That is all I remember.
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