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I have to say I have always had bad experiences with pharmacies except this one. Walgreens has been the best ever. I've been using them since moving to California and they have helped me out so much, they are fast, and yeah.

Called in my prescription this morning. I actually skipped taking my pills this weekend hoping to use them Monday-Thursday and hopefully on Friday have it refilled. I was told it might take a while to get everything authorized, so I asked for them to try and have it ready Wednesday. (I was being optimistic!)

Got out of the movie theatre at 4pm and turned on my phone to find a text from them saying my prescription was ready. It says no more refills on it, but oh well. At least I have a month supply and I don't have to worry about it. I'll call the doctor about it and hopefully they won't ask me to come in and just contact the pharmacy to set it up so I can go next month without any worries.

Random note, theatre is in the area of Wholefoods which is where I find my ~*Dairy Free*~ ice cream. :9 Got two pints. Mint chocolate chip and cookie dough. Noms!

Tomorrow is haircut day and getting plates for my car~! Huzzah!
Tags: it's not lupus, wait whut?
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