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Revelations: The Krum Brothers

Since I haven't drawn in so long. . .I needed to. Decided to work on some character designs.

So I bring you, Donald and Sean Krum:

I think it is so easy when drawing an anime-esque style to make everyone look exactly the same with different hair. I'm trying not to do that. However, in Donald's and Sean's case I really want some features to be similar. They need to look related.

Also, drawing this comic means drawing characters older than their 20's. As I tried to do with Donald. I think (and hope!) I accomplished that.

Donald and Sean are both soldiers for Astraea. They are natives to that nation and have tan/darker skin, black hair, and green eyes. Donald is a Point Soldier, meaning he acts as a minor judge and can hold trials for minor crimes.

I adore how Donald come out.
Tags: art: doodle, revelations
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